Guest post: Mudstacle blog

Three members of Team Mudstacle: Chris, me and Jat

You’ve probably heard me mention the 20km mud/obstacle/adventure run I’ve somewhat foolishly signed up for (and if you haven’t then brace yourselves – the whinging about having to do lots of running is only going to get worse). Well, a few weekends ago myself and two of the other members of Team Mudstacle – the blog we are representing, or at least trying to – were lucky enough to get free tickets to a 6km event down in Brighton. It was my first experience of one of these runs, and went quite far towards assuaging my nerves about Nettle Warrior in July, but nowhere near making me feel like I’m any good at running long distances!

I did a write-up of the event for Mudstacle, which is the main blog for these events, and covers everything from reviews of the runs themselves to training tips to shoe reviews. It’s my first guest post so check it out, and the rest of the site, here:

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