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Reasons Not To Stretch (NY Times)
Specifically, reasons not to do static stretching before your workout (totally agree with this)

How to safeguard your shoulders (Jason Ferrugia)
Say no more.

When you don’t know what you believe, everything becomes an argument (Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst)
“When you don’t know what you believe, everything becomes an argument. Everything is debatable. But when you stand for something, decisions are obvious.”
True in life, and in training. If you have your moral or training strategy absolutely straight in your head, decisions are obvious and therefore life becomes more simple.

When to add weight to bodyweight exercises (Anthony Mychal)
Some very good advice on when to progress your bodyweight exercises (here’s a clue – it’s probably not when you think)

From bodyweight to heavyweight. Part 1: Mining the one-arm one-leg push up for a heavier military press (Aleks Salkin, StrongFirst)
A wordy title for a relativley succinct article about how to train for the one-arm push up.

Barefoot running shoes reviewed (Guardian)

Reaping the Rewards of Patient Practice—Steady Progress and Injury Prevention (Progressive Calisthenics, by Adrienne Harvey)

Getting Strong, Staying Limber– A guest post from Aleks “The Hebrew Hammer” Salkin (Melody Schoenfeld’s blog)


The science of obesity: what do we really know about what makes us fat? An essay by Gary Taubes (BMJ)
Game-changing. If you read nothing else on here then read this.
“The history of obesity research is a history of two competing hypotheses. Gary Taubes argues that the wrong hypothesis won out and that it is this hypothesis, along with substandard science, that has exacerbated the obesity crisis and the related chronic diseases. If we are to make any progress, he says, we have to look again at what really makes us fat”

HCG, Intermittent Fasting and Ketosis: the Unholy Trinity of Metabolic Downregulation (Go Kaleo)
Controversial but IMO correct. In short – ladies be careful with these crazy ass diets – they will wreck your metabolism.

The Zombie Diet (T-Nation)
Not some new fad diet, but an article about why eating liver is so good for you.

Hormones, Homeostasis, and Why You (Probably) Need Carbs (Stumptuous)
Some good advice for us low-carbers…

Is Red Meat A Fish Story? Why You Should Never Believe Health Headlines (Forbes)
One of many articles disproving a poorly researched paper linking red meat and atherosclerosis.

Can Food Make You Angry? (Guardian)
Looking at artificial trans fats and their effect on the brain. Doesn’t touch on sugar, which I suspect also makes people angry.

Health and happiness

Natural Happiness: The Truth About Exercise and Depression (James Clear)

News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier (Guardian)

I stopped reading and watching the news years ago, and when I do (on the rare occasions that I finish all the sudoku and crosswords and am therefore bored on the tube) it makes me angry and sad and then I fold the paper back up and leave it on the seat for the next person :)

James Rhodes: ‘Find what you love and let it kill you’ (Guardian Music)
All about passion.

Why Health Integrity Matters, or The Power of Being Honest with Yourself (Mark’s Daily Apple)
“You live with health integrity when you truly own your journey, when you realize it’s yours and yours alone.”

Cosmetic surgery trends show how the female body is constantly fetishised

MuTu System
I came across this – I have completely forgotten how – and it just seems like a really good website aimed at mothers who want to get their fitness back. The slogan is “Body confidence for mums” which I really like, and the resources seem excellent.


Saving the best till last ;)

First up a simple little set from Zef…

And to finish, a set from a guy who according to Google Translate is called Ananev Maksim. He’s from Russia, and this is his set from a competition last year. Next level.

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