Monday 13th May 2013

It was supposed to be a rest day today, but actually I felt pretty fresh. Went to the gym to do some stretching and there was a 60kg bar left on the floor… Not a good start when it comes to someone with no willpower having a rest day. Then I saw one of the PT’s doing really shitty partial-rep deads – not hitting the floor and using MIXED GRIP! At 60kg’s! A MAN!!! Then he was doing *kipping* pull ups! Kipping! A MAN!!! And a personal trainer. Seriously  If it were my gym that would be a sackable offense. Actually it should be illegal to do them in public full stop. Then he finished off with lame TRX push ups and some box jumps, all the while moaning and wheezing like an old man and making noises more suited to those filthy old men who seem to be on the front pages of the papers so much these days.

Of course at this point my little ego lept out of the pocket I normally stuff it into to keep it quiet, tapped (actually, more like battered) me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear that I knew what I had to do. After a brief sigh I took up the mantle…

10 x 60kg dead lifts (regular grip, natch)
10 x neutral grip pulls (from deadhang)
5 x low TRX (ring) push ups

8 x 60kg dead lifts
8 x neutral grip pulls
6 x low push ups

6 x 60kg dead lifts
6 x neutral grip pulls
7 x low TRX push ups
4 x 60kg dead lifts
4 x neutral grip pulls
8 x low TRX push ups
2 x 60kg dead lifts
2 x neutral grip pulls
9 x low TRX push ups
Then I did a wee bit of stretching, some of my band rehab exercises and skipped smugly out of there.

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