Saturday 25th May 2013

Usual big Saturday session.

Stretching etc. to warm up

Then a pyramid set on the bars:

2 x dips
1 x pull up
2 x push ups

4 / 2 / 4
6 / 3 / 6
8 / 4 / 8
10 / 5 / 10

4 x supersets:

5 x front lever pull up things
10 x 5kg pistols (each leg)
5 x slow leg raises

Repeated with:
5 x 10kg pistols (each leg)
3 x 15kg pistols (each leg)
1 x 20kg pistols (each leg)
(Everything else the same)
Lost some strength on pistols but no big deal – focusing more on running and also don’t want to put on any more muscle on my legs!
5 x explosive pulls
Was feeling too tired for any more
2 x static holds – trying to work towards an underhand one-arm lock off (chin up grip). Only did one hold – just messing around. 
3 sets of seated rows:
10 x 25kg
7 x 30kg
5 x 35kg
Was swapping on with a guy and each time I didn’t have to change the weight at all. VERY satisfying (but I think it scared him a bit)
3 sets of single arm bent over rows:
10 x 15kg
7 x 20kg
5 x 20kg
4 sets of standing pull down things:
10 x 21.25kg
7 x 23.75kg
5 x 26.25kg
3 x 28.75kg
First time doing 28.75. Bit of a grind but nice to get the feeling. Will do more.
That was it I think. Some stretching then home for breakfast – this was all done fasted. NOT that I am into that, but I ate a massive “meal” of meat and cheese at midnight last night and wasn’t at all hungry in the morning.

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