Thursday 16th May 2013


Hill intervals on the treadmill:

1 minute warm-up at 0% / 10.5km/h

Then 5 rounds of:
4m @ 9% @ 9km/h
2m30s @ 0% @ 3km/h


Been too slow writing up my logs and forgotten stuff :/

Basically I decided to take a week off deadlifting to focus on back lever and planche stuff, so I’ve been doing them on alternate days.

3 x 3 x front lever pull up things

3 x 7 x chin ups
(Not done these for over a year! Holy crap they felt hard!)

3 x 10s chin up holds (90 degrees)

Tuck planche work

3 x 5 x tuck up and down

3 x 10 x straddle leg lifts
Some holds

Probably some more stuff that I’ve forgotten ;)

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