Wednesday 15th May 2013

Lunchtime session.

Warm up:

5m x Crosstrainer

Joint mobility and yoga


5 supersets (2m rest):

  • 5 x slow leg raises 
  • Dips: 6 / 6 / 8 / 6 / max(11)
On the dips I’m following the sets and reps on to slowly work towards getting my max up to 25. This will be quite a long term thing as this is my first time doing dips (as part of a workout – done a few in the park) since last year. Will aim to do them twice a week for now.

3 x supersets (2m rest):
  • 10 x inverse rows
  • 10 x seated rows @ 25kg
3 x supersets (1m rest):
  • 30s handstand static (wall)
  • 5 x straddle -> headstand raises

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