Wednesday 1st May 2013

Warm up



Little warm up set:
3 pull ups
3 dips
6 push ups

Set of 2 muscle ups (first time repping them this year – probably quite stupid but hey – was showing off ;) )

Mostly today is mid-week run day. Trying a new interval set as suggested by Sam.

1km @ 10km/h, 1% incline as a warm-up

5 sets of:
4m @ 11km/h, 4% incline
2m30s rest interval @ 3km/h
(the fourth set was actually at 5% but couldn’t take it for the last set so went back to 4%)

These were KILLLLLAAAAHHHHH. The first two minutes are fine, but the last two I basically spend trying to keep calm and not hyperventilate. Have since been advised by Sam to drop the speed and up the incline – next week…

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