Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Lunchtime cycling, same as yesterday:

20 mins of intervals
Level 10
30s as fast as I can
1m recovery (about 65rpm)

Also did 5 x 10 x narrow knuckle push ups

(They put the least strain on my wrists and forearms) in between some mobility and stretching stuff (all this cycling and running has killed my leg flexibility

Evening abs:

3 supersets:

10 x swiss ball pikes
20 x side-to-side kettle bell things
10 x knuckle pushups

3 supersets:

5 x hanging leg raises
3 x dragon flags

Getting better at the latter – could nearly do two whole reps hehe! But realised I need to stop holding my breath and straining so much as the first set pretty much made me see stars.

Did some band rehab stuff, and also about 8 dead-hang pull ups with a 2s hold at the bottom (just wanted to do pull ups, damn forearm pain grrrr).

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