A meeting of minds (and arms)

Sometime last year I came across a YouTube channel of a guy who does gymnastics and bodyweight stuff. It wasn’t so much what he could do that grabbed me (although that was pretty impressive), but the fact that he did all his training on the beach or along the coast in Mallorca, and his videos were full of the blues of the sea, beautiful hillside woodland or old Spanish architecture:

(OK, I’ll be honest – the fact that he’s topless in his videos may have swayed me towards clicking that “Subscribe” link too)
Luis Ernesto Sarabia Toledo is a Cuban acrobat, ex-professional gymnast and personal trainer, and he specialises in gymnastics, conventional bodyweight training and things like Primal Move. He’s a qualified NCSA Strength and Conditioning Coach, and also a personal trainer out of Mallorca. 
Anyhow, we ended up adding each other on Facebook and chatting about training, about the possibility of him running some workshops over here (he used to live in the UK and speaks pretty much perfect English), and about life in general. When he said that he was over for a week to be part of an acrobatics display I knew we had to meet up, and we did!

His first words to me were about the size of my arms, and from then it was straight into talking about nutrition, injuries and all sorts of training. Very cool to have finally met someone who I’ve seen online for so long :)  Hopefully he’ll be back here soon and we can do some training in the park.
This is one of his latest videos and is a very graceful contrast to the explosive strength normally seen on street workout videos.

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