Five double-edged swords of being strong

You get to eat more food, yet everyone thinks you’re on some ultra strict diet

Yay food! Lift weights, go running, get to eat more fooooood – meat, cheese, chocolate, cream in my coffee yeahhhhhhhhh baby! Yet somehow, I guess through assumptions and misinformation, people seem to think that I follow some ultra-strict diet or are really fussy. When I get invited over to friends for dinner, it’s usually accompanied by the slightly embarrased question of “so, what do you eat?”, and then I end up feeling embarrassed by replying that I just eat real food – y’know, stuff that was grown, raised and killed. Which just seems so obvious as to be stupid and leaves me feeling even more embarrassed.

People think you’re a Complete.Fricking.Badass… but you’re just a normal girl

Cut your finger off and need to go to the hospital? No! Just sew it back on again with some dental floss (menthol, natch) and stop being such a wuss. Splinter on your toe? Who needs tweezers when you can use a Stanley knife and some pliers?! And it’s not just physical things – people seem to assume that because I have big balls when it comes to my training that I’m like that in every aspect of my life – somehow immune to the things that can hurt or damage other people. But really I am just a regular human being. Sometimes I even cry. I have, on rare occasions, been known to do so completely hysterically. I know, right?! Sorry to shatter the illusion, but just because a girl lifts heavy shit doesn’t mean her personality is any different to anyone else.

You look ripped to sh*t. Woohoo! Rocking body, super strong, RAWWWW etc. but… it does seem to unnerve guys

Like most girls, I want to date guys that are bigger and stronger than me (and, actually, more awesome in every way). I really don’t mind if they don’t train or not, but when someone comes up and says how jealous they are of your arms, and how they’d be delighted if they had a body like yours, it kind of makes me die a bit inside. It’s also one of the quickest ways to embarras the shit out of me. Plus it seems to be accompanied by the idea that I am in some way different to other girls, and intimidating, neither of which are true (see previous point).

People know you’re strong… so you get roped into doing manual labour and silly tricks

No toddlers were harmed during the making of this photo

Being strong is awesome – opening heavy doors, lifting heavy stuff, being able to help your Dad out in the garden without breaking yourself. But people also assume that you’re happy to do that all the time. I went for a meeting the other day and got asked to help move 50 trees off the back of a flat bed truck. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have minded, but that day I wanted to deadlift and of course trying to explain that to someone (that doesn’t train and gives not a flying f*** about your programming) that dragging around 60kg trees will stop you from doing so ain’t gonna happen.

On the upside, it also often results in being coerced into doing funny things – how many toilet rolls can you pick up with straight arms? And posing for silly photos like this one, with my un-God child.

You want to be a positive influence on people, but they assume you judge them

I’ve tried to keep these light-hearted, but there is one thing that’s consistently depressing. People seem to think that because I live a certain way – training, eating fresh food, not drinking too much or tearing around in a whilrwind of stress – that I therefore think that everyone should be the same, and that I judge those who aren’t. Those people often make catty remarks – sometimes the question “would you like some XYZ?” is immediately followed by a sneery “or aren’t you eating that at the moment?”. I’ve even had someone retort, when I said that I don’t really eat bread, “oh, bully for you!”
which was, y’know, an interesting response to say the least. And of course there are the comments and jibes that I can only attribute to jealousy (and believe me – I’ve spent a lot of time trying to attribute them to other things).

Actually I don’t give a rats ass what anyone else does, as long as they’re healthy and happy. Want to eat bowls of pasta but love dancing? Go you! Biscuits at tea time every day, hiking at the weekend? That’s awesome. Life is about balance and I know I’m at a relatively extreme end of that. You do your thing, I’ll do mine, we’re all happy. That’s it :)

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