On the ‘tube

Some girls have been doing some really cool stuff recently… Vanna (from Dutch group Bar Monsterz) got her first muscle up:

My Mum’s actually Dutch and I used to go there loads, but I’ve not been over for a few years now. Going to have to make the trip and go train with this strong lady :)

I did an Olympic weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk) workshop last weekend, and I can vouch for just how hard that shit is, so to see Rebekah Tiler, 14 years old (?!), snatch 80kg and clean and jerk 110kg is seriously impressive:

But this is just next level…

Needless to say the boys have been killing it too. The most impressive thing I’ve seen lately is 70 dips, done without a single pause, by Bar-barian Alexander Modilevsky:

I think the Bar-barians have been having some challenges amongst themselves to see who can bang out he most reps – god only knows where that will end!

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