Thursday 8th August 2013

Continuing this weeks theme of Fucked Legs and Frustrating Workouts…

Wanted to do a treadmill session as in the past month I’ve only done Nettle Warrior, the 10km on Sunday and one other treadmill session, which really isn’t enough to be making progress with my running.

Started on my usual hill/sprint interval thing…

1km warm up @ 10.5km/h
30s @ 15km/h @ 1%
1m @ 6km/h @ 1%

30s @ 15km/h @ 1.5%
1m @ 6km/h @ 1.5%

30s @ 15km/h @ 2%
1m @ 6km/h @ 2%
30s @ 15km/h @ 2.5%
1m @ 6km/h @ 2.5%
30s @ 15km/h @ 3%
1m @ 6km/h @ 3%

When I was doing 30s @ 15km/h @ 3.5%, my hamstring (inside of thigh/groin) really started to hurt and I had to stop. 
Went to stretch out and it hurt so much I wanted to cry :( Really wasn’t good at all. Hurt to stretch, especially in certain positions where my hamstrings were stretched to the sides, like frog stretch. 
Very annoying.

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