Wednesday 14th August 2013

Evening run/cycle.

Since I don’t want to batter my legs before the Brutal20 on Saturday I figured I’d do a run and cycle session.

1km run @ 10.5km/h
2km cycle @ Level 10 (about 5 minutes)

1km run @ 11km/h
2km cycle @ Level 10

1km run @ 11.5km/h
2km cycle @ Level 10

1km run @ 12km/h
2km cycle @ Level 10

Was more going for endurance training as my legs feel pretty strong and going so hard as to get really out of breath would probably mess up my hamstrings again.

Did some stretching, spoke to Gareth, a new PT, who was asking me about my training and endured me ranting about the excessive cardio equipment and the Big Wall of Bicep Curling Vanity (and the resulting lack of deadlifting space).

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