Monday 16th September


1 hour yoga class. (Late into studio, going to try and go to yoga when I can now – need to keep myself injury free).



3 x supersets:

– 20 x side-to-side things with an 8kg kettlebell
– 10 x ab wheel roll-outs
– 10 x hanging leg raises
– Assisted tuck planche hold

3 x sets of 10 x Swiss ball pikes (also tried on the TRX with hands raised on a bench – just piking in the same way).

Wanted to keep them light-ish since I’ve been off them for a while.

5 x empty bar
10 x 60kg
2m rest
6 x 70kg
2m rest
3 x 80kg
2m rest
1 x 90kg

All felt good – should’ve brought straps as grip was a bit fried from yesterday. But happy enough – back felt fine (and still feels fine).

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