Sunday 15th September 2013


Wanted to go for a 10km run to get back into some running again, but after about 4km my knee started hurting in exactly the same place it did after Nuts (on 1st September) so I stopped at 5km. Not quite sure what’s up with it, but will have to stick to the treadmill for a bit and see if that fixes it. Don’t really want to have to stop.

Ran 5km in 27.53m (more on RunKeeper). Not great.


Time to try and get back to normal bodyweight training. Kept it to the basics.


Mobility work

6 x dips, 3pulls, 6 push ups

10 pull ups (probably not far off max)
2m rest
1 x crappy MU, 3 x SB dips
2m rest

3 sets of:
4 x explosive pull ups
2m rest between

Max dips: 15
2m rest

8 x pull ups
1m rest
12 x dips
2m rest
7 / 11
6 / 9
5 / 8

3 x skin the cats (singles)

20s L-sit

Some stretching

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