Thursday 26th September 2013

Warm up:

5m cross trainer
Joint mobility

3 x abz supersets:

20 x side-to-side with 12kg KB (10 each side)
10 x Swiss ball pike (some w/ roll-out)
10 x 12kg myotatic crunches

5 sets of 5 x:
Jumping MU -> 5 x straight bar dips -> slow negative back down
1m rest

On the rings:

3 x 5 x skin the cat
The best ones I’ve ever done – woohoo! Managed to rep the whole five and also keep my legs straight. Awesome.

3 sets of 5 x assisted ring muscle ups (legs out in front)
These are hard but starting to feel the “biting point” where I want to start engaging my muscles. Hurt my hands a lot though.

3 x BL hold

3 x FL hold
FL tuck getting a bit better. Lats working more.

Finisher… ;)

5 x explosive neutral grip pulls
5 x low ring push ups
4 / 4
3 / 3
2 / 2
1 / 1


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