Tuesday 24th September 2013

Warm up

Cross trainer
Few pull ups

Warmed up squats:
5 x empty bar
5 x 35kg

5 x super sets:

5 x 3.25kg weighted pull ups
5 x 47.5kg squats
2m rest

Felt fine. Pull up weight fine for 5 reps. Could get interesting very soon.


5 x empty bar
5 x 60kg
3 x 5 x 85kg
(3m rests)

Felt harrrrddd… Back rounded a bit on the last few reps

10 x dips – trying them with my feet further forward (out in front) as was watching something about muscle ups and it said it’s more realistic to do them like that. Agreed. Felt it in deltoids more.

10 x diamond push-ups (warm up for below)

Did 2 sets of 2 x reps of bench assisted one arm push ups (first time doing 2 reps). Hard. Twisting quite a bit – still a load to do on these.

Short and simple workout but it’s fucked me up for days.

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