Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Time before going into the studio for 35mins of stretching and yoga. Also did 3 x 5 x straddle leg raise things from headstand and 3 x tuck planche holds. Really need to figure out how to get my lower back higher.
Xtrainer warm-up
3 sets of:
10 x L kick-outs
1m rest
10 x HLR
2m rest
15s L-sit (keeping arms against hips) 
and a bit of FL (progressing) but both hurting shoulder (done something weird – feels bruised on my shoulder blade on one side)
10 x empty bar
5 x 40kg
5 sets of:
5 x 62.5kg
1m rest
20 x side-to-side abs (12kg KB)
2m rest
Deadlifts: (wanted to try some deficit deads)
10 x empty bar
5 x 60kg
3m rest
5 x 60kg on one plate
3m rest
5 x 60kg on two plates
3m rest
3 x 80kg (all on two plates)
3m rest
2 x 90kg
3m rest
1 x 100kg
HOLY CRAP that last one felt good. A really hard pull off the floor, but since I cut back the weight and focussed on form my back felt tight and not like I was just dragging it up. Really cool feeling. 

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