Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Manic day.

Got back from Wales and went straight to Kennington to film my bit for the Adding On Game:

Then met up with Chris for some training at the gym:
Warm up

Got taught how to bench :)

Then did 5×5 with the empty bar

Tuck planche
3 x 10s assisted holds

Squats/lat stuff:

10 x scapular pull ups
10 x empty bar squats
5 x 40kg squats
5 x 5 x 52.5kg squats

Play around with FL

10 x empty bar
5 x 60kg
3 x 5 x 87.5kg
(4m rests)

Got some coaching on my MU’s – determined to learn how to do the swing/kip thing properly.

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