Wednesday 13th November 2013

Warm up mobility
Some Indian push ups
10 x scapular pull ups
10 x push ups
5 x skin the cat
One leg FL both sides
Short straddle BL (back not right after yesterday)
Elbow lever on ground
2 x FL both sides
2 x BL both sides
Messed around with ring MUs
10 x wide grip pull ups
7 x 5kg wide grip pulls
3 x slow partial ring MUs – just messing around with the sticking point
5 x 10kg WGPs
3 x slow partial MUs
2 (and a half) x 15kg WGP
3 x slow partial MUs
10 x WGP @ bodyweight
(Holy crap I was *flying*! Insane. Never got that high on them before!)
20 x regular push ups
20 x narrow push ups
Would’ve done more but Seth and his mate whose name I’ve forgotten (both ex-staff members) were in training with Joseph and Matthew so we ended up chatting. They convinced me to try a MU on the cable machine, which did not go well at that point in my session ;)
Some stretching, home for fooooood, bit of a late

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