Monday 23rd December 2013

Since I was planning to start the GMB Parallettes 1 course that I won via a competition on Facebook (yay!) I thought I’d get a back workout in before having a few days of pushing.

Warm up

10 scapula pull ups
B2B with 10 push ups

4 x single hand alternating holds

10 x wide pull ups

3 x BL (video of one)

3 x FL

Messed around with ring MUs

2x wide pull ups 2s deadhang x 4

10 x standing pull  downs @ 21.25kg
8 x 23.75kg
6 x 26.25kg
4 x 28.75kg
2 x 31.25kg

10 x seated rows @ 20kg
8 x 25kg
6 x 30kg
4 x 35kg
2 x 40kg (hard to get the full ROM at that weight!)

10 x single arm rows @ 8kg
8 x 12kg
Had to go as ran out of time.

Not a great session for a reason I won’t go into on here. Was totally stressed out and angry which really doesn’t lend itself well to having a good training session (the cause of the rage was with me, so not like I could block it out!)

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