Friday 10th January 2014

All motivated up after Wednesdays class! And along with some help and direction from the GMB Alpha Posse forums I’m all geared up for Goal Numero Uno – nail those ring muscle ups. And hopefully a slow strict bar one at the same time, since I’m pretty sure they’re actually brother and sister.

Warm up:

5m cycle

Joint mobility etc.

Warm up circuit:
5 x scapula pull ups
30s rest
5 x push ups
30s rest
5 x pull ups
30s rest
5 x chin ups

3 x skin the cat

5 x FL hold
Flat backed, focussing on pulling shoulder blades back and down.

1 x BL
OMGZORZ tired after Wednesday still.

9 x slow muscle up attempts in false grip on bars (singles)
Holy crap.

5 x 5 x baby ring muscle ups
Actually felt the strongest out of everything.

3 x 5 x fasle grip pull ups
Ow. Next time will do the other way round – 5 sets of 3 reps. Hurts too much to hold for that long, even with sweat bands.

Tried the hollow body hold for GMB forum challenge. Was shaking!

Could of handstands – had a good few seconds of correcting myself with my hands/forearms.

20 minutes steam room and stretch.

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