I can’t believe it’s not cream. Oh wait – yes I can.

The one thing I missed in my vegsperiment was having cream in my coffee. I normally have double (single if I am watching my weight ;) ) and trying to find a substitute was hard (let’s face it – cream’s got big boots to fill). My criteria were: thickness, fattiness, smoothness, richness and good mouth-feel (yeh check me with my poncey cooking terms). Since I don’t drink soya (bad bad phytoestrogens *spank*), here are the ones I tried and my thoughts on them:

Alpro Almond Milk

Although it splits, it tastes fine but it’s just quite thin. The splitting means you need to stir it as you drink which is annoying, especially if you use a cafetiere and there are grinds in the bottom of the cup you don’t want to disturb.




Koko Coconut “milk”

I’d actually bought Koko before – it’s yummy, but also quite watery. Although it tastes good (coconut tastes good with pretty much anything in my opinion) you have to use quite a lot to get a good milky consistency, but despite this it’s not a bad option at all.





Oatly bills itself as a cream substitute, so my hopes were high. It’s made from oat, and tastes… of oats. Which is fine. Slightly sweet. However, despite the added vegetable oil (not so good – damn those pesky omega 6’s!) and emulsifier it still split.


Good Hemp Milk

I was recommended this by vegan athlete Stephen of IAmBarFit as a good option, and I have to say the consistency is spot on. However, and it’s a big one… it tastes of Play Doh. Seriously. All wrong. And it’s sweetened. Sweet Play Doh. Not even my five year old inner self could get into it. Used it once and gave the rest away

Coconut cream
The most easily available of all the options, it’s also, on balance, the best. Although it separates, you end up with a fatty layer on top, rather than a kind of grainy mush that you need to stir in like Oatly and almond milk. It tastes good, it’s fatty, and frankly it’s coconut, so what’s not to like?! 
Bonus: Tesco’s Chocolate Coconut Milk
I’d bought this for a mate who was coming round who’s dairy free and likes chocolate, but since I’d run out of milk substitutes I was faced with the terrible decision to have to use it in my coffee. It’s sweetened (only with sugar), so isn’t something I’d use regularly, but actually it was pretty damn tasty. Ended up being a bit more of a mocha than a coffee – like the bastard love child of Koko and Nesquik – but that’s no bad thing.

Had my vegsperiment gone on longer, I would’ve liked to have tried hazelnut milk, since it was lattes with hazelnut syrup that originally got me into coffee, and also quinoa milk, purely out of curiosity. I’d also get some lecithin to experiment with making emulsions.

Overall though, first place is shared by Koko and canned coconut milk.

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