Monday 27th January 2014

Started with my physio shoulder rehab stuff:

2 x supersets (30s – 1m rests):

  • 20 x band pull aparts (elbows in to body)
  • 20 x reverse of above (only on bad side)
  • 20 x lateral raises (ES)
  • 20 x shoulder press (with 2kg – burns an amazing amount)
  • 1m of wiping with 1.25kg weight (ES)
  • 20 x inverse rows
  • Pec stretches as various angles
Despite the “easiness” of these, they are actually quite gruelling. Going to work up to three sets of all of them.
5 sets of 3 x baby MU
5 x flat back FL holds
3 x 3 single arm scapula pull ups
Videoed for feedback from LittleBeastM. Turned out they should’ve been held for time – will try again and pay more attention next time!
7 x wide pull ups
7 x a bit narrower pull ups
7 x wide neutral
7 x narrow neutral. Holds at top and 90 degrees afterwards.
Front scales:
– 15s
– 20s
– 25s

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