Sunday 26th January 2014


Did my 20 minute run – the last of my rehab runs. Woohoo! Was ok – ITB felt itchy but not sore. Just a weird feeling. I guess it’s still tight – Sam said not to worry but just take it easy, which I damn well will – terrified of it flaring up again.

Went to my sisters for a big veggie Indian lunch. Yum. Plus two G&T’s and a glass of wine – my second booze of the year.


Warm up

Quick play with STC and a back lever but forearms feeling a bit fried.

P1. Workout 2, session 8

5 sets of 8. Trying to go slower. Shot video which I will add here.

  • Tuck Swing to Top Plank (working towards forward plank)
  • One Leg Shoulder Stand Hold  (5s hold, 4 reps)
  • Tuck Swings
  • Assisted Inverted Presses
  • Dive Bombers Standard

1m (ish) rests

Stretching and cool down

Also went to see a physio last week for my shoulder. Decided to suck it down and pay for it. She gave me some rehab exercises to do for 6 weeks, which I intend to follow religiously (I wrote them all down this time!).

Was too tired to do them properly but did a few:

  • 20 x lateral raises (each side – ES)
  • 30s ES of “wiping” in the air (small circles, arm out in front)
  • 20 x band pull aparts (elbows in to body)
  • 20 x reverse of above (only on bad side)
  • Pec stretches as various angles

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