Thursday 2nd January 2014


Next running session. Actually I re-did the first session after realising that I was supposed to be walking for 2m and not resting (aka. doing pull ups).

5 rounds of:
2m run @ 10.5km/h
2m walk @ 4.5km/h

P1, workout 1 (session 3)

P1 warm up

(Doing 4 sets again but with 10 reps.)

Plank push ups

Plank jump to dip

5 x skin the cat

4 x BL holds (forearms so tired – maybe from the 31st?! – so just did flat-backed/frog holds.

Battle rams from knees – Version 2 (with push up)

Tuck hold (did 5s + holds, just messed around trying to get them tighter and going from
Moutain climber holds (8-12 reps)

Mountain climber holds (8-12 reps)

Cool down and yoga flow.

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