Tuesday 21st January 2014

Decided to try a ring muscle up today. Did one – proper slow grind – set up the camera and did another – same thing! Wouldn’t have got it without insane amounts of persistence ;)

Going back to assisted ones and negatives for a few more weeks. Got a trip to a gymnastics centre booked for the 1st February so will hopefully have a chance to try again then. Will also be focussing on keeping the rings closer to my body!

P1, Workout 1, Session 7
(Seems like I’ve done way more P1 workouts, but obviously not!)

Did 5 x 8. Forgot that I did that last time with W1. Next time will do 4 x 12.

  • Plank push ups
  • Plank jump to dip
  • Battle rams from knees with push up from extended position
  • Tuck holds:
    3 x 10s (rested a few secs between each one)
    3 x 8s (ditto)
    3 x 6s
    3 x 4s
    3 x 2s
  • Mountain climber holds (did 16 reps – 8 each leg)
Stretching, foam rolling, cooled down.
Was still really tired from previous training sessions – too tired really. Need to cut back for a bit and take a rest.

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