Wednesday 29th January 2014

Mobility etc.
2 x dips
1 x pull up
3 x chest to floor push ups
Got no back lever – fried
Push up to MU on dip bars, 5 x low as possible dips
Same x 4
Same x 3
2 x squat rack MU (still got ’em – phew)
Couple of one arm hangs
5 sets of 3 x baby (assisted) MUs
Set up cable machine to try assisted slow MUs with it. Holy crap they’re hard.
Bar 5 holes from top
16.25kg on each side
3 x singles
1 x rep, 1 x fail
1 x fail
1 x rep, 1 x fail
1 x rep
1 x rep
Much easier faster, although still damn hard without a kip
Stretching, home, foooood

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