Friday 7th February 2014

Warm up

Rehab work day

2 sets of:
30s band pull aparts
30s band pull ins (ES)
30s lateral raises (ES)
1m small circles with 2.5kg plate (ES)

3 sets of:
20 x hip hikes
15 x clam
15 x lateral raises (ES)
15 x single legged glute raises

Had a play with bear, monkey and frog from GMB. Shot some video to record my starting point.

Since my back was stretched out I decided to try some squats:

10 x empty bar (20kg)
8 x 30kg
6 x 40kg
4 x 50kg
2 x 60kg
4 x 50kg

6 x 40kg
8 x 30kg
10 x empty bar

Felt good! No back pain. Think I will start back on 5×5, maybe at 50kg. Take it slow. Lots of stretching.

Don’t think I did anything else – can’t remember now.

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