Tuesday 11th February 2014

10m sauna

10m yoga

3 sets of:
1m monkey
1m bear
10 x shoulder dislocates
1m frog
10 x overhead squats (bar only)
10 x overhead lunges (5 ES)

3 x 10 x single leg glute bridge raises

Bit of pancake stretch

30m (?!) sauna (got into the sauna more now – easier since you can go in clothed)
Took the stick in, rolled out my thighs and my calves, the lower part of which is FOOKED after two sessions of barefoot running/conditioning.

Also went really hard on my forearms. Increasingly thinking that laptop-ing is as much to blame as overtraining. Going to try and do regular stretches and desk breaks now otherwise it won’t heal. The stick was brutal – was properly sweating and I think that was mostly the pain.

Did three sets of ice cold (2m) and hot water in the shower over them. Actually feeling better now.

Thought about returning to some light pulling today but maybe tomorrow.

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