Friday 21st March 2014

Been so busy with work I had to take three days off training. Ugh. I swear I’ve got some kind of inflammatory condition or arthritis or something as not moving combined with too much computer work makes my entire body stiffen up, to the extent that clenching my hands and walking up stairs is uncomfortable. Fucked up. People think I’m nuts if I complain about feeling weak and tired from not training, but for me it just stops the aching. Really weird. Reminds me of a guy who I used to work with who was a semi-pro runner, and only started as he had some kind of arthritis and now has to run every day or starts feeling like crap. Maybe I’m just being paranoid since Mum’s recently been diagnosed with a member of the same family as a condition I already have (Raynaud’s Syndrome) but it’s definitely been getting worse this year.

Anyhow… had a shitty workout in the evening, much later than planned due to more work coming in, after a shitty few days. Had to make peace with myself that it’s just a phase and that I can get back on it proper this week.

5m X trainer

Stretching and mobility

5 x pull ups
10 x dips
5 x chin ups
All slow, full ROM

4 x STC

3 x flat backed FL holds

3 x 5 x PDCD @ 3.25kg (what a grind they were)

3 x 10 x inverse rows

Stretch and home to see a friend.

Hopefully will be back soon with a more positive frame of mind and a less sore body, which at the moment feels completely fucked :(

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