Friday 25th April 2014

5 mins in sauna – stretching.


10 x inverse rows
10 x push up

3 sets of:
10 x neutral pulls
1m rest
5 x wide pulls
1m30 rest
Feeling WEAK today! Struggled to do the 10 pulls – WTF! Got my period and feeling run down so hoping it’s just a temporary glitch in the beasting matrix.

3 sets of:
10 x scapula pulls
10 x leg raises (parallel bars)

3 sets of:
10s hold wide grip high, 10s hold arms at 90 degrees, 10s hold bottom

3 x 8 x seated rows @ 16.5kg each side (two stacks if plates here)

8 x single arm rows (ES) @ 12kg
3 x 8 @ 16kg

8 x false grip tricep pull downs @ 26.25
3 x 5 @ 28.75

As well as being weak, I also forgot my chalk. Nightmare. Hopefully back to full strength on my next back session!

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