Sunday 13th April 2014


Sunday run with Chris:

Decent pace but holy shit it was hard. Basically made me hate Chris all the way round! Haha. Damn him and his superior running ability :/ Still, at least running after something fast will make me faster, even if I just want to stop and cry like a five year old.
After the run I dragged Chris to Primrose for some pull ups.
Did some stretching then:
20 x push ups
10 x pull ups
15 x dips
5 x 3 x high pulls

Wanted to do P1 (workout 2, session 4) and did the first round:
Tuck to bent arm bent leg shoulder stand
5 reps per set
1m30s rests
But on the Bent leg shoulder stand to inside straddles, my hip flexor was hurting and I just felt knackered and hungry so I didn’t finish. Was happy to have done the first round though as they’re the ones I find the hardest.

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