Sunday 27th April 2014

Ran 10km in just under an hour.

Hadn’t run since the fast 5k I did over ten days ago! But needed to get some km in, and since Sunday is traditionally Long Run Day, I decided to go for 10km. Quite pleased with my time – wasn’t all-out but wasn’t too slow. Knee ok but now (21.45) feeling quite stiff! Gonna go have a bath then do some foam rolling.


Out of interest had a look at what I was up to last year training-wise…

We did our first group run on the 21st April – 12km at Richmond. That’s cool – not too far off where I am now (could’ve done 12 today but was cooking lunch for friends). Still, need to work on my cardio a bit more.

Found an old bar vid too. Some progress in some areas, not so much in others!

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