Wednesday 9th April 2014


Run before breakfast:

Also had an extra km running to and from the park.

Wanted to try some hill runs after doing a bit of speed the other day. Went round Primrose Hill going up and down each path. Took it pretty slow – giving myself a month to get back into running again. Felt ok – legs obviously burning and was totally out of breath at the top, but not that bad all things considered.

The best thing about morning running is the carb slam brekkie after – porridge with an egg and lots of date syrup. Yum.

The worst thing is the raging hunger all day.


Next P1. New goal: stop slacking on P1! Fuckarounditis Fi should be my name. Too much fun to be had doing all kinds of things, not enough focus on completing this course! Anyhow…

P1: Phase 2, Workout 1 (Session 3)

Plank Push Up to One Arm Extension
5 x 10

Tuck Jump to Swing Set (1 x tuck swing, 1 x swing through, push hips up, swing back with heels on ground, legs straight, repeat)
5 x 6

Battle rams (from feet – was knees before IIRC, no push up)
4 x 12

L-sit front straddles
5 x 7 (managed 10 on one set – yay!)

Mountain climbers (leg held outside elbow)
5 x 10 for 4s

Was a challenging workout although nowhere near as hard as the first session, which was brutal. I need to keep on it and keep building on the strength. The Tuck jump swing sets are f-ing killer. Nightmare. But the straddle L’s were much better (bit crampy on the other leg to normal, which was actually quite pleasing to know!). Generally ok. Next session planned for Saturday.

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