Monday 19th May 2014


Yoga: Surya Morning Flow
Duration: 25 minutes
Level: Intermediate

This is going to be my regular practise – I can see there’s a lot to be done with it! Will continue to dabble with it.

Also need to put together a morning routine – watch this space!


Went over to Primrose for a gentle “getting back into it” session:

1 x pull up, 2 x push ups
2 / 4
3 / 6
4 / 8
5 / 10

2, 4, 6, 8, 10 x dips

3 x 4 x straddle L (over the parallel bar – like from P1)

3 x STC

3 sets:
1 x straddle BL
1 x ring MU
Got all the MU’s :)

3 x 5 x explosive pull ups (with knee pull ;) )

1 x hold at highest point

10 x pull ups (just got the set :) )

3 x hold at highest point (really trying to push/pull, rather than just hold)

Met some old friends and chatted to some new ones. Taught a bunch of guys who saw me doing the muscle up how to do false grip. One had been trying to do them without and wrecked his shoulder!


4 sets of broomstick:

10 x shoulder dislocates
10 x round the world dislocates
Couple of up/back stretches (GMB)
Could of backwards ones (GMB)

Will try and find a short hip opening sequence to do before bed too

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