Sunday 11th May 2014

Good active day today:

  • Went to Tooting to collect my bike from my old house
  • Cycled to Balham
  • Got the train to Sutton
  • Met Chris but ended up cycling around for a bit due to his bike randomly breaking in a very random way and having to go back to his to get another one.
  • Cycled to climbing. 
  • Dropped our stuff and went for an 8km run. It was a total bonus as I thought we’d only done 6km – really struggled, I think because there were millions of these tall flowering plants (cow parsley?!) on either side of the path, and as we ran through them I could feel my chest tightening. Weird – don’t get hayfever. Run was a bit slow but otherwise ok. Average pace 7.14. RunKeeper.
  • Then went and climbed for an hour and a half. Shoulder not right so did easy routes precisely and carefully, focussing on good movement and technique. I didn’t brute-force a single thing so quite pleased about that!
  • After climbing did 3 x 6 x pull ups on these ball things – probably about 5 inches diameter. Did a bit of handstand practise too.
  • Cycled back to the station, got on the train, cycled back from from Kentish Town. 
  • Ate lots – chicken liver and bacon with cabbage, brocolli and gravy (mmm Bisto) then frozen (defrosted) berries and greek yogurt for pudding. Really must stop eating low fat dairy – makes me feel a bit sick – but I do quite like it. And some PB. A day without PB just isn’t a day.

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