Thursday 29th May 2014


Did 20 minutes of my own yoga – felt tight after deads etc. yesterday and wanted to focus on hips and back.


Had promised Chris I’d go climbing with him but my foot’s fooked so I wasn’t about to squeeze it into climbing shoes. Instead I played on the bar and rings there.

Warm up:
5 x pull ups
10 x dips
10 x pull ups
10 x dips

5 x STC, lower down through FL tuck

2 x ring MU
2m rest
1 x failed
More rest
2 x ring MU
2 x ring MU
1 x ring MU

5 x FL tuck holds

3 x up and down the sandpaper tube wall (not all the way)

5 x high pull up holds

10 x HLR

10 x pull ups

Some handstand holds

Stretch and foooood

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