Upcoming workshops… taught by yours truly!

Last year I did an Olympic Lifting for Beginners course, run by Sally Moss of Strength Ambassadors. Sally and I have kept in touch, and a few months ago I received an email from her asking if I’d like to co-instruct on a series of bodyweight seminars she wanted to run. It was a MASSIVE honour to be asked – having attended various seminars and courses myself, I never really thought I would (or could) be on the delivering end of them, so was really blown away to be asked. Plus there is the small fact that beyond a Level 2 Gym Instructors certificate, which qualifies me to tell you how to do bicep curls on the cable machine at your local McGym (mirror-checking and grunting optional), I am not actually a professional instructor at all! So it’s been an amazing experience to work with Sally on planning these, and I’m getting excited now that we’re delivering our first one this coming weekend.

When discussing how to teach and the angle to take, I really pushed what has developed into the area I think is most important in any training regime: progressions. It’s those that we’ll be focussing on through the series of seminars. All the basic bodyweight moves will be taught and the emphasis will be on helping YOU learn the level suitable for YOU. We’ll start (literally, in some cases) from the ground up, breaking down each move, telling you the key pointers to nail perfect technique (which we all know is way more important than hammering out loads of reps) and helping you to feel confident to continue working on them when you leave us.

If you’re free on any of these dates, then come down to In2 Crossfit in London and join us for a fun few hours of learning new skills with some like-minded people:

Saturday 10th May, 2pm-5pm
Saturday 14th June, 2pm-5pm
Saturday 26th July, 2pm-5pm

In order to help show people what to expect and to promote the events, Sally and I have made a few short videos which I’ll share over a few posts. The first one is of Sally demonstrating how you can get your first full push up.

If you fancy coming along or just want to find out more, check out the event page on the Strength Ambassadors site. Any questions then send us an email or comment below, and hopefully we’ll see you soon!

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