Coming up! (But only if you’re in London)

Saturday 14th June: Strength Ambassadors/Bar-barella bodyweight seminar

Most importantly (and self-promotingly) let’s talk first about the fact that the second bodyweight seminar I’m running with Sally Moss is coming up in just over a week. Sign up now and learn as much as you can cram into your head and we can force your aching muscles to perform in a three hour period. It’s aimed at beginner and intermediate bodyweight athletes, strength enthusiasts, obstacle course racers, climbers and general wannabe badasses. The first one rocked, and the highest compliment came from the most experienced person there: “I learnt more in these three hours than I did in six months of watching YouTube videos”. Be there or forever regret the chance to become even more awesome than you are right now!
Friday 13th June: Bar-BQ

Yeah screw you chronologicality. Next Friday Ed Checo, founder of Bar Starzz, is over visiting the Brixton Street Gym for a BBQ and training session. All the usual talent will be there, along with grilled meat. What more could you want? Oh yeah – hopefully some sunshine will grace us with its presence.
Saturday 28th June: Streetworkout London 2014
I missed this last year but definitely going down at the end of the month. After the bar jam at Spa Fields this will be the second big calisthenics event of the year in London and is set to be as big as the backs of the guys who will be there.  Read more about the plans for the day on their website.

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