Friday 13th June 2014


15 minutes stretching and broomstick stuff.


Gym. Body been feeling off for the past week. Maybe overtrained the week before. Light session to ease back into normal volume (also seminar tomorrow so need to be on). Just looking to activate stuff and stretch and rehab.

5m run @ 11km/h

15m stretching

3 supersets:

5 x scapula pull ups
5 x chest to floor push ups
30s rest
5 x pull ups
5 x dips
1m rest

3 x 10 x standing pull downs @ 18.75kg
1m rests

3 x 10 x single arm rows (ES) @ 10kg

10 x 40
8 x 50
6 x 60
4 x 70
2 x 80
1 x 90

3 x 3 x HSPU – getting low as possible.

Stretch and foam roll.

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