Monday 23rd June 2014


Surya morning flow yoga (20 minutes)

Cycle to work: 6.41km (RunKeeper)


Cycle back from work: 6.19km (don’t know why the difference in distance – RunKeeper)



10m yoga / mobility

Warm up set:
20 x push ups
7 x pull ups
10 x dips

5 x bent arm crow -> shoulder stand – > bent arm crow

5 x straight arm crow to tuck planche lower

5 x tuck planche holds

They all felt pretty solid.

Set up rings.

6 x STC

5 x straddle back lever holds

12 x ring dips
10 x ring dips
8 x ring dips
6 x ring dips
5 x ring dips

Pretty much maxing out

Did an L-sit hold on rings. Felt solid.

3 x 7 x low ring push ups

Few front scales in between.

Stretching, some foam rolling (calves = a painful mess)

Home late but luckily left over lamb for dinner yeahhh.

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