Thursday 5th June 2014


For some reason I decided to go to the gym after breakfast and do cycle sprint intervals. Well it wasn’t just “some” reason – my foot hurt and I didn’t want to make it worse. The run the other day was probably already pushing my luck so had a big breakfast then left for the gym and on to the worst client meeting I’ve had in ages (ugh fucking clients, especially rigid-minded ignorant ones with poor taste *rolls eyes*).

1m @ 90rpm @ Level 5
2m @120rpm @ Level 5
1m @ 90rpm @ Level 6
2m @120rpm @ Level 6

1m @ 90rpm @ Level 7
2m @120rpm @ Level 7

1m @ 90rpm @ Level 8
1m @120rpm @ Level 8
1m @ 90rpm @ Level 9
1m @120rpm @ Level 9

1m @ 90rpm @ Level 10
1m @120rpm @ Level 10

30s @ 90rpm @ Level 9
1m @ 120rpm @ Level 9
30s @ 90rpm @ Level 8
1m @ 120rpm @ Level 8
30s @ 90rpm @ Level 8
1m @ 120rpm @ Level 8

30s @ 90rpm @ Level 8
1m @ 120rpm @ Level 8

Total: 21m

Tried to find balance between not fatiguing legs too much (really really really want to run on Saturday) and getting breathing up. So hard to do.


Saw on FB that Lee and Furkan were going up to Primrose so figured I’d be silly not to join. I met Furkan the first time I was at Primrose back in 2012! And of course I see quite a bit of Lee.

Bit of mobility to warm up

25 x push ups
12 x pull ups
20 x dips

Some Russian dips (liking these now – keeping body straight)

6 x STC (making more of an effort to push my numbers up)

3 x MU (bit weak today – very slow)

1 x BL > FL

3 x flat backed FL

3 x supersets:
7 x tricep extensions (on ladder thing)
10 x diamond push ups

3 x supersets:
7 x ring dips
7 x SBD
(Reps decreased by 1 each set haha!)

3 x 10 x abs (1 rep = 1 x leg raise, 1 x oblique raise on each side)

10 x explosive neutral grip pull ups

1 x BL neutral grip

5 x explosive neutral grip pull ups

Quick stretch then home.

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