Tips for training ring muscle ups

Muscle ups – they seem to be the thing (apart, of course, from a “bikini body” *retch*) that everyone wants this summer. I think ring muscle ups are actually easier to achieve for women, but are also a much better goal for everyone. There’s no cheating a ring muscle up – you do it properly or not at all. (Unless you kip like a Crossfitter, which is stupid so don’t do it). It uses strength not momentum, and requires careful and methodical programming to achieve. Plus there is no risk of damage from the one-arm technique, which is probably one of the most common causes of shoulder injuries amongst the bodyweight athlete!

Anyhow, here’s a little video featuring Sally MossShirley Darlington of Parkour Generations and myself demonstrating some tips to help you train ring muscle ups.

The most important thing starting out is to train false grip. It hurts at first and you’ll feel like you’re bruising your wrist as the rings rub agains the bone right on the pressure point, but persist and you’ll get used to it, plus develop better technique to minimise the discomfort. And it will all be worth it once you start feeling the progress!

The other tip to bear in mind at all times is: keep the rings close to you!

The main technique in this video is actually something I learnt from GMB Fitness. Have a watch of this tutorial to learn about the “baby muscle up” first-hand.

Our final bodyweight seminar of this series is coming up on the 26th July – have a look here for more information.

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