Wednesday 11th June 2014


Hill runs up Primrose. 10 x hills, did them all without stopping in just under half an hour. Best training session I did this week.



Had a manic day and a late meeting which meant I got to training late and was also cold. Couldn’t get warmed up and my forearms are already fried as a result of too much laptop work and manual labour. Wasn’t really in the mood for it (not been in the mood for bodyweight stuff this week really).

Went to Primrose:

Warm up downward/upward dog/rockstar flow

20 x bench dips
5 / 4/3/2/1 x pull ups
10 x dips
10 x baby MU
5 x STC
2 x MU

Really not feeling it today – forearms hurting – got some weird knot in one (usual problem)

3 x MU
2 x MU
2 x MU
1 x MU – straddle BL

Tried a slow MU hold but my bicep tendons hurt.

Might just have a stretch and go home and try again tomorrow.

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