Monday 21st July 2014


Cycled to the gym to do:

10 min warm up

10 min on MV 16 (turning jumps – could nail 180, 360 not so pretty!)

10 min on MV 17 (kick up, spin thing – not as bad as I thought but need to video and compare with Ryan’s – suspect what feels good in my head is actually wrong)

Cycle 1:
Mine to Butter’s for work. Strava (trying to fully switch)

Cycle 2:
Butter’s to Oxford St for meeting with Sally to sort out bodyweight seminar. Strava.

Cycle 3:
Oxford St to Primrose for training. Strava.

Total cycling: 23.8km
Took it slow – more of a recovery thing after yesterday.


Band warm up

Warm up sets:
10 x inverse rows
10 x push ups
8 / 6 / 4 / 2

3 x 15 x dips

3 x 10 pull ups

4 x 10s FBT FL

4 x 6s tuck planche (push up handles)

8s crow (lifting,  floor)
10s crow (lifting,  floor)
8s crow (lifting,  push up handles – wrists!)


Good training day.

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