Monday 28th July 2014


Yoga for athletes: Happy hamstrings (30 mins)
Not bad but would’ve benefitted from being warmed up beforehand I think!


Bit of a warm up with some dynamic stretching

1.5 hours kickboxing class
Run by an old karate instructor, Eugene, who was ill today and instead it was taken by another old karate instructor, Uffe, who came with his son who I’d not see for years and is now more of a man than a boy! Pretty cool. Thought I would be dead with the kicks but I wasn’t – phew. Also was worried I’d tweak my groin or something as it’s been feeling a bit niggly after all the running, but no. Double phew. Anaerobic threshold is slowly rising…

Tabata burpees finisher (should’ve pushed harder)

15 mins stretch and cool down

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