Tuesday 15th July 2014


Post-breakfast trip to the park.

Warm up:

20 x jumping jacks (alternating arms)
20 x lunges
18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

15 x band pull aparts
10 x lateral raises (ES)
10 x inverse rows

4 x 1m30s intervals travelling across the underside of the kids playground

3 rounds of:
Sprint from one side of workout park to other, 5 x pull ups
Sprint, up and down sloping pole thing
Sprint, across and back on monkey bars

3 x 15 x burpees (with push up and clap)

3 x 10 x pull ups

Stretch and home.


Half an hour doing MV – first the kick-through and backwards roll thing, then jumps.

Also practised forwards and backwards rolls finally.

All went WELL! Actually feel more confident on the floor now, finally. Took a lot of practise to get the leg through thing, but happy with the rolling. Nowhere near perfect, but progress. Yay.


5 rounds of (all @ 9% incline)
3m @ 8.5km/h
2m @ 3km/h

Nice stretch then went to the circus and sat in the front row. Was awesome :)

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