Tuesday 1st July 2014


Day 1 of MV – bear crawls. Did all the variations across the loft (two rooms, probably about 10m in total). Was fun. The low to the ground ones are intense – going to have to do more as they seem like they could build good strength at that ROM without causing too much inpingement woe.



Warm up including band stuff

3 x super sets:
10 x scapula pull ups
5 x tuck to L-sit to tuck

3 x super sets:
5  x crow to tuck planche lower (slow as poss)
FBT FL hold

5 x tuck planche holds

3 x 5 x TFL negatives to full extension

3 x 8 x tucked push ups on push up handles

This workout f-ed my shoulder up – hurt all night. Will switch up exercises and see what happens next time.

inverse rows

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