Wednesday 2nd July 2014


Primrose hill runs x 10
No stopping yeahhh

Start 4.56 till 32.53 = 27m 57s duration.

Will work on getting that down

Total distance 4.46km

(Time calculator website)


Been so busy already behind on MV so did two sessions in a row.

Day 2:
Forward rolls.
OMFG I hate these. They combine all the things I’m bad at and scared off: being graceful, being coordinated, being upside down and not breaking my neck. Got better the more I did and weirdly made my shoulder, which hurt after FL and planche session yesterday, feel much better. But stil only stuck with the easier progressions – really not comfortable (a fact not helped by not having anywhere good to practise them!).

Day 3:
Shoulder stands/getting feet down on ground
Much better, although my folks had taken me out for dinner so a bit full = couldn’t breathe that well when hunched up! Not that flexible but a really nice stretch.

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